How Can Business Benefit from Using Charging Stations

Today we can’t imagine ourselves without a cell phone. For a short period of time we became so attached to mobile devices that if we forget one at home we are simply cut off from the whole world. With the help of mobile phones, we can always stay in touch with our relatives and friends, we maintain relations with those who are not around right now, and we simply can’t do without this little aid at work. Smartphones are so powerful and we use them so often throughout the day that the batteries last just a day. And when we see that we only have 10% of the battery left a real panic embraces us. Fortunately, the business has learned to benefit from our addiction to mobile phones. More and more often we can see charging stations at airports, train stations, fitness clubs, car dealers, restaurants, hotels, banks, etc. Why do the businesses invest in the purchase of charging stations for their customers? In this article, we learn more about the phenomenon of charging kiosks for business.

charging station for mobile phones

Why should businesses invest in charging stations

New Competitive Advantage

There are always a lot of different competitors around and some of them do not provide a service of charging gadgets. Having a universal charging station, business can stand out among competitors and attract visitors with a new additional service.

Improving of the Image

Charging stations help to improve the image of a company and provide additional services to customers. Boosting the level of service, business owners are guaranteed to increase customer loyalty and popularity of their company.

A new source of Profit

When clients need to urgently charge their mobile device, they will certainly go to a establishment that provides such a service. If a charging station if set up at a restaurant, such people will sit at a table and make an order. And while the phone is charging, they will enjoy lunch, a delicious dessert or a cup of coffee. Thus, clients will help to spread a word or mouth about such a place and the number of customers will increase substantially, and the average receipt and tips will also increase.

charging kiosk for business

Does your business need a charging station

Any business that provides services where due to specific of work people stay for 10 minutes or more, will benefit from installation of a mobile phone charging station. Today, having offered this service to the guests, business can receive a powerful surge of loyalty and free promotion of its brand. Customers will certainly share their impressions and news about the new service with their friends. And this will help to attract new guests.

Thanks to such a charging kiosk, companies can extend the time of customers stay in an establishment and thereby significantly increase profit. A client visiting a restaurant or nightclub will not have to rush home to make an important call. And after visitors place a necessary call, they can continue hanging out in such an establishment. It should be noted that some business offer charging service at a free basis while other may charge visitors (for this some devices may be equipped with bill acceptors).

Not only business can benefit from having these devices on board. Mobile charging station for events also remain in demand at venues that bring a lot of people together such as conferences, trade shows. conventions, trainings, etc. Such events gather a lot of business people for him being available is critical. By providing them with the possibility to power their phones up you are sure to get their appreciation.

Charging stations for phones are suitable for all popular devices. Moreover, manufacturers offer different models with a colorful interface, chambers for storing phones, bill acceptors, advertising monitors and light panels.

Another advantage of charging stations is that they provide branding possibilities. Business owners can place any advertisement and information they would like to demonstrate to consumers. During the time that visitors spends at the device while their battery are charging, they will automatically pay attention to the bright, colorful advertising that flashes before their eyes. Statistics show that this type of advertising works unconditionally.