Computer Technology of the Future

Computer technology has completely revolutionized the way we work, communicate and even socialize. According to experts, the pace of technological change that we have seen overtime is only a shadow of what we will see over the next 20-25 years. There is no doubt that this wave of change will reshape the career of many people. It is estimated that about 65% of children been born today are most likely to work in roles that don’t exist today because of the ever changing computer technology. So what is the future of computer technology and how will this technology shape the future of our society? In this article, we are going to answer this question to help you get a glimpse of what to expect in future.

virtual reality

1. Virtual reality (VR)

We have already gotten a taste of what virtual reality can do. However the current VR gadgets are limited because they rely on smartphones to work. In addition to that, they also run on mobile apps which only offers a fraction of what a computer can do. As we had towards the future, we expect that VR technology to go to another level. In fact, computer experts project that virtual reality will replace textbooks in the next decade. It will be possible for teachers to take students to the past environment and show them what was happening. This will making teaching easily because it is easy for students to understand more if they can see something happening as opposed to reading a textbook. Just recently, Google launched a new app (Google expedition app) that allows people to use virtual reality take trips to places like the coral reef.

2. Augmented reality (AR)

There is no doubt that the future of computer technology is headed towards augmented reality, a close cousin of virtual reality. In fact, it is projected that gadgets like smartphones will be rendered obsolete in 2030 thanks to advancement in augmented reality. People will laugh at you if they see you holding a smartphone in 2030. Advancement in computer technology will make it possible for people to pull up screens in augmented reality through tiny bracelets making it unnecessary to have smartphone around you. There are many companies that are already working tirelessly to bring augmented reality into the mainstream.

3. 3D technology

3D technology is already in place, however there are many limitations that prevents people from maximizing its usage. As we head to the future, there is no doubt that 3D technology will go mainstream meaning that everybody will have chance to create their own physical products based on their imagination without the need to be approved by a well-established company. Individual professionals in various industries will be able to mass produce their own creative products without any limitations.

Perceptual Computing

4. Perceptual computing

This is a new computer technology that is expected to shape our future society. Perpetual computing is a technology that allows you to interact with your computer using natural senses as opposed to traditional interface methods. This means that instead of using keyboard to make commands, you can use eye or hand gestures. This technology has stated to take shape with modern PCs equipped with RealSense camera that have the ability to unlock the PC using special biometric features without the need to insert password.

How larger format graphics are created and printed

Most people have met a large printing at some point in time. In fact, you only need to drive to the nearest major roadway and you’ll see a large banner ad; and that’s just one of the many forms of large format graphics and printing. If you really stop and think about it, you would probably start wondering- how do they make such large banner ads. In this article, that’s exactly what we are going to cover.

Large format Printer

Large format graphics are not only on billboards or banners but they can also been seen at trade shows on the booths itself or hanging in from the ceiling. One of the companies that i have had the privilege to deal with in the past called Exhibe Corporation. It has created many large format graphics for some very prestigious clients. You can view some of there work and get better understanding of what these display are here

The Basics

Like most graphic ads, the main target is to appeal to the person’s eyes. The eyes are a wonderful part of the human anatomy, but it’s not perfect. For example, when looking at a rainbow, the eye sees it as if something is there. However, the rainbow does not exist. There is nothing to touch, to measure nor weight. It’s just droplets of water and light bending as it passes through the mist of water. With this bending of the light, we see it as a rainbow. So how does this relate to large ad printing?

It is because when printing large graphics, we have to accommodate the eye’s flaw; specifically, the eye’s tendency to clump objects and details as the objects moves further and further.

When doing large format printing, the first task is to determine the optimum viewing distance. Knowing the optimum distance is very important as it determines the pixels per inch (PPI). As a rule of thumb, the farther the optimum viewing distance, the lower the PPI; and vice versa.

You will see this in practice if you look very close on graphics that are designed to be viewed from a distance. You will usually see blobs of inks that’s hard to make sense of. However, if you check the graphic at the optimum distance, all the details are there – clear, crisp and beautiful. The next big step is the actual printing process.

Printing Process

When it comes to printing large format, a commercial-grade printer is needed. At its core, large-scale printers work similar to your home printer. It’s just that everything is just scaled larger. Also, large scale printers make use of nozzles.

Large scale printers usually CMYK color combination. The ink is also directly printed on a specialized printing medium. The pigment uses is usually the UV ink; which is water-based and are fade resisted. This makes the UV ink great for outdoor use. Another thing that is very important for large scale printing is the graphic software.

Graphic Design Software

RIP Software For Printing

When printing large scale formats, you will also need a software that is able to keep up with the large hardware. The standard software for large scale printing is known as RIP, which stands for Raster Image Processor.

While you are still able to print large scale graphics without the need of RIP software, it’s simply very inefficient if you don’t use one.

A RIP software can help you with:

Increase workflow speed Easy nesting or layout Simultaneous printing of multiple printers
Better color management

Graphic design that is meant for large scale printing come with its own set of challenges. One of the biggest challenges come in the field of printing hardware, printing hardware, and optimum viewing distance.

Computer hardware and software trade shows

The main role of trade shows is to give companies in a specific industry the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their products or services. Computer hardware and software is one of the most dynamic industry not only in United States but also around the world. Technology keeps changing fast so as to conform to the current demand of consumers. Trade shows in computer hardware and software industry are very important because they give business within this industry an opportunity to showcase their latest technological advancements. In this article, we are going to focus on various types of trade shows as well as why it is beneficial for business to market their products at these trade shows and what you should expect to see when you attend these trade shows.

Types of trade shows

· 930gov conference and trade shows

This type of trade show usually show case cyber and IT security customer service, knowledge management as well as record management. Vendors around the world usually attend this trade show to showcase wide range of products and services that are related to government IT and program management.

· Cyber Texas conference and exhibition

This two day event usually showcase technological product that provide timely and trendy educational content on topics such as border security, military, banking oil and gas cyber security. Thousands of experts around the world usually showcase unique product that have designed and how those products can improve and make system efficient in the above named sectors.

· Interface Nashville

This event usually showcase products in areas such as information security, communication, IT infrastructure, education, networking among many others in the computer hardware and software as well as IT and technology an HR consultants.

· Interface Madison

Interface Madison is actually a one day event that showcase products in areas such as IT infrastructure, information security, education, networking among many others. In the computer hardware and software industry.

· Mobile banking payments

This two day event usually showcase products from banking industry that relates to computer hardware and software.

Computer Software

Why business should market their products on trade shows

1. Lucrative and highly targeted bushiness leads

One main reason why businesses should market their products or services on trade shows is because it give them an opportunity to drastically expand their customer base. People who attend trade shows are usually interested in the products or services that are being showcased in the trade show. If they are happy with the products or service that you offer they will commit to a deal immediately.

2. Ability to know what is working and what is not

In addition to getting great business lead, trade shows also give business an opportunity to actually know what is working in the market and what is not. Depending on how the visitors are responding to a certain products or service, you will get to know if the products that you are offering is working or not.

3. Ability to develop and strengthen their brand

Any business owner knows that branding is a huge aspect of a business. Showcasing your products or services on trade shows is a good way of passing the massage that you are actually serious and reliable. Prospective clients will actually know that you believe in what you are producing or offering and that will greatly boost the reputation of the company’s brand.

What you should expect to see when you attend computer hardware and software and trade shows

· Software development services
· Monitoring software
· Performance software
· Date management services
· Printers
· Scanners
· Fax machines
· Duplicators