How New Technology Help Exhibitors Thrive

Trade shows and conventions had a long way to go before they actively started utilizing modern technology. Today exhibitors can choose from a wide range of advanced technologies to use for planning and organizing their exhibiting activities. The only problem is that some marketers do not master the technology for trade show industry and therefore suffer from the low efficiency of their investments in the show.

Progress in technologies (such as software for process management and automation) and digital distribution of documentation, can affect the growth of traffic at your display and the quantitative assessment of interactions between participants. Unfortunately, many exhibitors do not know how to use the latest technologies to optimize the preparation processes. Here are some tips on how the use of technology can help you perform better at exhibitions.


If your trade show display uses the same technology as a couple of years ago, then it’s time to try out something new. The selection is great: you can start from giant displays, interactive kiosks and, charging stations and finishing with cutting-edge software and scanners, devices for tracking behavioral trends and other computer technology. Don’t forget about mobile software that allows you to deliver news and information as quickly as possible, and draw in potential audience to your exhibit.

new technology at your display


To fully experience the benefits of new technology, it is important to rely on a seasoned technology partner that has a staff of engineers and technicians capable of tailoring processes to your needs and your employees. The latest solutions for trade show industry and exhibitors are quite affordable, and they really go a long way towards helping with automation and simplification of all the processes regarding preparation to a trade show and exhibiting. For example, myfairtool is software designed to automate the routine processes of marketing to make your exhibition successful! The platform is able to help exhibitors along the whole way of preparation for an event including planning, budgeting, managing leads and after show follow-ups.


If your marketing activity does not have a strategy of presence in social media, then you do not have the opportunity to attract new customers. Interactive technologies contribute to full interaction with the audience only if there is contact through social networks. No matter what industry your business belongs, your potential customers wait for you in social media platforms.

New Technology at Trade Shows


Today, there are no excuses for not making your visitors blown away. Why not to try huge LED or 4K displays that can help promote your products with a Hollywood swing? By connecting several displays you can assemble video walls telling about the history of the brand in an exciting format. Interactive kiosks at exhibitions can also be used to display commercials, organize contests, games and other infotainment applications.

As you can see the use of technologies at trade shows can help obtain your goals and achieve a desired ROI. Also, with the help of cutting edge software you are able to save time, more and other valuable resources let alone saving your nerves.

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