Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual trade shows provide the possibility of placing extensive information about exhibiting companies on a virtual display. Such information can include the range of products and services, the latest achievements and successes, as well as graphic and video materials. In an era of advanced computer technology such events provide one more possibility to promote your brand

A virtual exhibition display is:

  • An information booklet and advertising platform simultaneously, containing detailed information about a company and available to a wide audience via the Internet;
  • Unlimited advertising time, which works for an exhibitor;
  • Possibility to place at the information sections of a display detailed information provided by an exhibitor. It can be comments of specialists, audio, video materials, banners and links to partners, etc;
  • Simplicity and ease of use, allowing visitors of virtual trade shows to obtain detailed information about the products and services of the company directly at the workplace, regardless of the geographical location of a user;
  • Ability to promptly adjust information about products and services of the company, offers and achievements, price lists, etc .;
  • Increase in attendance and, as a result, increase in ratings of the official website of a company-exhibitor due to the links placed on the virtual displays;
  • Expansion of the circle of partners, investors and clients not only on local markets, but also abroad due to indexing of virtual stands in the search engines;

traditional trade shows

Benefits of participating in virtual exhibitions

Let’s imagine a traditional trade show. We have to buy or rent a booth. Then rent a spot on the expo floor, print presentation materials and train display staff. All this requires investing resources, especially financial. But the return from the exhibition should meet expectations. But it does not always happen. One exhibition brings new business contacts – partners and clients, and just a lot of useful acquaintances, while other exhibitions can only bring expenses.

Of course, the experience of participating in trade shows allows businesses to make predictions and choose only those venues that are optimal for the presentation of their goods and services. But this experience is not cheap. Another option that will bring information to your target audience at minimal cost is a virtual trade show.

What types of visitors virtual trade shows attract

What makes it possible for virtual venues to compete with real trade shows, and sometimes even exceed them? Let’s learn two the most common types of trade show visitors.

The first type comes to watch a show, the second – to gain new business contacts. Unfortunately, the first type of visitors who comes to a trade show simply out of idle interest are almost always the majority. But their value is often questionable. It is much more important to establish contact with the second type of visitors – people who go to an exhibition to establish new contacts, look for products, services or new partners.

For the second type of visitors visiting a trade show itself is not a primal goal. It is just a way to get acquainted with proposals and establish the necessary contacts. If there was an opportunity not to attend such events, and immediately get the desired result, they would prefer it, rather than visiting a real show.

The advantages are now obvious. For visitors, virtual trade show displays are an opportunity to get to know your goods or services as comfortably as possible. They do not have to go anywhere, do not have to search for anything – all the information provided in the most convenient form.

Thanks to this fact the effectiveness of virtual booth is so high. Most of the visitors are targeted audience from the group that we named above as “second type of visitors”.

Benefits of virtual trade shows for visitors.

They can:

  • visit such a trade show at any time of the day, regardless of geographic location via a computer;
  • obtain full information about companies and their products;
  • vote for an exhibitor they like, send feedback or establish working contacts;
  • read the resource’s newsletters.
Virtual trade shows enable exhibitors to:
  • place information about their company at a virtual display;
  • choose a thematic exhibition and a pavilion for the virtual booth;
  • provide information on their product innovations, achievements and offerings;
  • form an illustrated catalog of products and services;
  • receive statistical information about attendance and rating of their virtual display;
  • make changes to the information posted on the virtual display.
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